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Lighthouse at the End of the World

Voyages Extraordinaires

16 September 1988
I'm 20 years old and a college student in Savannah, GA where I'm studying film. I mostly created a Live journal in order to find other people interested in the same things as me (mainly steampunk, film making, and film in general). Painting and drawing are my first love, but I'm into pretty much every other art form as well. I'm obsessed with German Expressionism and Middle English. And I have a fondness for early medical devices, Abraham Lincoln, rabbits, most things Victorian or Edwardian, 60's pop, and old cameras.
1700 century french fashion, abraham lincoln, absinthe, acrylic paint, adventure, adventuring, american civil war, analog, andy kaufman, animation, art, banjos, bears, big band, blues, bolex cameras, bowler hats, bowling, british literature, brown paper, bunnies, cameras, charcoal, chartered accounts, cigarettes, clocks, cobble stone streets, cogs, confusing people, corsets, costume making, directing, disturbing yet cute things, drawing, dye, experimental music, exploring, fifties sitcoms, film, filming, folk, folklore, fritz lang, german expressionism, goggles, graham chapman, hating digital, hats, history, ink, instrumental hip hop, jazz, journals, judaica, lockets, lolita fashion, lowbrow artwork, makeup, making pretty things ugly, making props, making things ugly, making ugly things uglier, men who smoke pipes, michael nesmith, middle english, monsters, monty python, night of the hunter, octopus, oscar wilde, paint, painting, pale skin, paul gregory, performance art, pete and pete, photography, pipes, pocket watches, production design, prop master, rabbits, reading, robert weine, school, set building, seventies sitcoms, sewing, silent films, sixties pop, sixties sitcoms, squids, steampunk, steampunk fiction, stockings, stop motion, stripes, submission, television history, terry gilliam, the zombies, time travel, toby huss, tony clifton, umbrellas, urban decay, urban exploring, victorian and edwardian photographs, victorian and edwardian pornography, victorian fashion, victorian gentlemen, video, writing, zines


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